Food Jars


- Antibacterial finishing
- Super Clean 
- Wide mouth cup
- Interiror rounded bottom

Capacity Model No.
0.5 L

The antibacterial finishing prevents the growth of bacteria by 99% or more (lid and inner lid)

In most cases, bacteria adversely affect humans when they increase massively in excess of a certain amount. The antibacterial finishing prevents the growth of bacteria so that the product surface can be kept hygienic. On the outer lid and inner lid with the antibacterial finish, the growth of bacteria is prevented by 99% or more, compared with the untreated ones; this means the bottle can be used hygienically at anytime.

Antibacterial finishing

The MCJ-K series has a silver-based (Ag-based) antibacterial finish.
- Test method: The antibacterial finish has been tested in accordance with JIS Z 2801 (ISO 22196).
- Testing organization: Evaluation Technical Center, Daiwa Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.
- Tested parts: Outer lid and inner lid
- Processing method:
Outer lid and inner lid | Kneaded into the plastic material
- Antibacterial agent used: Silver-based antibacterial agent
- Test result: 2.0 or higher antibacterial activity value

Kohkin, or antibacterial, means “inhibiting the proliferation of bacteria.”

     Photos showing the results of the antibacterial test in accordance with JIS Z 2801 (ISO 22196)

          *Test results on the stopper resin of our MCT-K series with the same antibacterial finish

                                                      as that applied to this series

Antibacterial lid certified by the Society of International Sustaining Growth for Antimicrobial Articles (SIAA)

- Tested parts: Outer lid and inner lid
- SIAA registration number: JP0122676X0001G

Products carrying the SIAA marks are subjected to quality control and information disclosure under the SIAA guidelines based on the results of evaluation conducted in accordance with ISO 22196.

The SIAA marks are symbols for Kohkin (or antibacterial) established by the Society of International Sustaining Growth for Antimicrobial Articles.

The products that meet the three criteria of [1] antimicrobial properties (*1), [2] safety (*2) and [3] appropriate labeling (*3) may carry the SIAA mark.

(*1) The proportion of bacteria on the surface of the product must be equal to or less than 1/100 that of a non-treated product, and the antimicrobial effect must remain after durability tests. Antimicrobial properties are determined from the results of tests conducted in accordance with the international standard ISO 22196.
(*2) The safety criteria uniquely established by SIAA must be met.
(*3) The types of antibacterial agents used and parts treated must be clearly indicated.

Super Clean

The inside of Tiger’s bottles has smooth and polished surface that is tough against stains and rust.

Wide mouth cup & Interior rounded bottom

The 7.8cm wide mouth cup with interior rounded bottom makes it easy to fill and scoop soups that have meat and vegetables that sink to the bottom.

A stylish way to carry foods

The food jar not only focuses on ease of eating the food in it but also keeps the food delicious for many hours thanks to the excellent high-temperature and low-temperature insulation effects and airtightness of a vacuum bottle. The large-capacity jar can contain a large amount of a dish. Its easy-to-maintain clean design and special functions allow you to carry the jar and enjoy meals in a stylish way anywhere you go.

Leakproof screw stopper that can be tightly closed

Easy cleaning “entirely washable jar”*

*Do not presoak and do not use a dishwasher or drier to wash the product.